Text to Octal

Text to octal conversion is the process of converting text, which is a sequence of characters, to its equivalent octal form.

To convert text to octal, you can use the following method:

  1. Convert the text to its ASCII codes.
  2. Convert the ASCII codes to their decimal form.
  3. Convert the decimal form of the ASCII codes to octal.

To convert the text "Hello" to octal, for example: "H" -> 72 (ASCII) -> 72 (decimal) -> 110 (octal) "e" -> 101 (ASCII) -> 101 (decimal) -> 145 (octal) "l" -> 108 (ASCII) -> 108 (decimal) -> 154 (octal) "o" -> 111 (ASCII) -> 

A more simple way to convert text to octal is to use the built-in ord() and oct() functions in Python or by using any web conversion tool like Oumify.


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