JSON Viewer

A JSON viewer is a tool that allows you to view and analyze the structure and data of a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format that is used to transmit data between systems and is often used in web applications and services to transmit data in a format that can be easily read and understood by computers.

JSON viewers provide a way to view and analyze JSON data in a more user-friendly format, such as a tree or table view. They often provide features such as syntax highlighting, data validation, and search and filter capabilities.

There are various online and offline JSON viewers available, such as:

  • Online JSON viewers, which allow you to view and analyze JSON data in a web browser,
  • JSON viewer software, which can be installed on a computer and used to view and analyze JSON data,
  • JSON viewer plugins for code editors allow you to view and analyze JSON data within the code editor.

It's important to note that JSON viewers are not able to edit or modify the content of a JSON file; they are only used for visualization and analysis purposes.


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