JSON Validator

A JSON validator is a tool that checks whether a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file is well-formed and follows the correct syntax as per the JSON specification. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format that is used to transmit data between systems and is often used in web applications and services to transmit data in a format that can be easily read and understood by computers.

A JSON validator typically checks for several things, such as:

  • Correct syntax: The JSON file follows the correct syntax rules, such as proper key-value pairs, comma separation, and correct data types.
  • Well-formedness: The JSON file has a well-formed structure and follows the correct nesting rules.
  • Missing or extra characters: The JSON file does not contain any missing or extra characters.
  • Validity of the data: The JSON file contains valid data based on the specification.

There are various online JSON validators available, such as Oumify.

Also, many code editors have built-in JSON validators or have the ability to install a plugin to provide this functionality.

It's important to note that a JSON file that passes validation may still contain errors or be invalid for a specific use case. As a result, it is recommended that the JSON file be validated and tested in the intended system or application. 


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