Javascript Obfuscator

A JavaScript obfuscator is a tool that helps make JavaScript code difficult for humans to understand by applying various code transformations. The goal of a JavaScript obfuscator is to protect intellectual property, prevent reverse engineering, or make it harder to detect and analyze malicious code.

Obfuscation can involve techniques such as renaming variables and functions, using encoded or encrypted strings, or using code minification. This can make it difficult for someone to understand the code's intent and function, making it harder to steal or copy the code or to find vulnerabilities in the code.

There are various online JavaScript obfuscators available, such as Oumify.

It's important to note that while JavaScript obfuscation can help to protect your code, it is not a foolproof method of code protection, as skilled attackers may still be able to reverse the obfuscation. Additionally, some obfuscation methods might not be legal or ethical, especially when it comes to hiding malware or other malicious activities.


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