HEX to Binary

HEX (hexadecimal) can be converted to binary by first converting each HEX digit to its binary equivalent. Each HEX digit corresponds to four binary digits (bits).

For example, the HEX digit "A" is equivalent to the binary number 1010. To convert a HEX number to binary, you would replace each HEX digit with its corresponding 4 bits. For example, the HEX number "2A3F" would be converted to the binary number "00101010001111111."

It's also possible to convert HEX to binary using a calculator or programming language. Many programming languages have built-in functions for converting HEX to binary.

Note: HEX is base 16 and binary is base 2, so 4 bits represent a digit in HEX and 1 bit represents a digit in binary.


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