Find Facebook ID

A Facebook ID is a unique identifier assigned to every Facebook profile, page, group, and event. The Facebook ID can be used to access various Facebook features, such as linking to a profile or page or accessing the Facebook Graph API.

There are several ways to find a Facebook ID:

  1. Look at the URL: When you visit a profile, page, group, or event on Facebook, the ID can be found in the URL. For example, in the URL "[username or page  the string of numbers after "" is the Facebook ID.

  2. Use the Facebook ID Finder tool: There are several online tools, such as "Oumify," that can help you find a Facebook ID by entering a username or profile URL.

  3. Use the Graph API: If you have a developer account, you can use the Facebook Graph API to retrieve the Facebook ID by sending a GET request to the Graph API endpoint "[username or page name]". The ID will be included in the response.

It's important to note that not all Facebook profiles, pages, groups, and events have a username, and not all users have a public profile or page. In those cases, the Facebook ID may not be available.


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