Discount Calculator


A discount calculator is a tool that can help you calculate the discount amount on a given price. To calculate the discounted price, you will need to know the following information:

  • The original price of the item
  • The discount percentage

If the discount is applied before taxes, the discounted price is calculated as follows: Original price x (1 - (discount percentage / 100)) = discounted price

If the original price of an item is $100 and the discount percentage is 20%, the discounted price is: $100 x (1 - (20 / 100)) = $80.

If the discount is applied after taxes, you need to first add the taxes to the original price and then apply the discount.

Please provide me with the original price of the item, the discount percentage, and whether the discount is applied before or after taxes, and I will calculate the discounted price for you.


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