Base64 to Image

Base64 String

Converting Base64 to an image is the process of decoding the Base64-encoded text back to an image file. The base64-encoded text is a representation of the binary image data using only 64 printable ASCII characters.

To convert Base64 to an image, you can use a Base64 decoding tool such as Oumify Base64 Image Decoder or a programming language such as Python or JavaScript to decode completely from scratch.

In Python, you can use the base64 library to decode the base64-encoded string and save the resulting image to a file. In JavaScript, the atob() function can be used to decode a Base64-encoded string, and the resulting binary data can be used to create an image file using the Canvas API.

It's important to note that, when decoding Base64 to an image, you need to have the exact same format and encoding as the original image; otherwise, the image may not be displayed correctly.

Converting Base64 to images can be useful when you want to save an image in a database or send an image over a network or the internet without having to store it in a file.


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